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Department of Theoretical Neurobiology


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The Institute of Brain Research is part of the Center for Cognitive Science, one of the Central Scientific Units of the University of Bremen. The Brain Research Institute consists of four Departments:

- Department of Behavioural Physiology and Developmental Neurobiology (Roth / Dicke)
- Department of Neuropharmacology (Koch)
- Department of Theoretical Neurobiology (Kreiter)
- Department of Human-Neurobiology (Fahle)

You are here visiting the sites of the Department for Theoretical Neurobiology. Aim of our group is to clarify and further develop concepts of modern neuroscience regarding the neuronal foundations of higher cognitive functions, i.e. attention, working memory, and goal-directed behavior. For this we are using single and multicellular electrophysiological recordings, fMRI, psychophysical approaches, and other state-of-the-art techniques.

On our sites you will find further information regarding current research projects and publications of the group, as well as current courses and lectures offered as part of the course catalog of the Faculty 2 (Biology / Chemistry) of the University of Bremen.

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