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Anneke Meyer

Dipl.Biol. Anneke Meyer
Research Group in Insect Olfaction
Faculty of Biology
University of Konstanz

email: anneke.meyer [at]


Anneke joined our group in 2006 and developed a new technique for mapping receptive fields from local field potentials. She finished her masters thesis in 2007 and then moved to the University of Glasgow where she joined an EU-program to learn patch-clamp recordings. She is now a PhD student at the University of Konstanz and works in the antennal lobe of honeybees.

Aurel Wannig

Dr. Aurel Wannig
Vision and Cognition Group
The Netherlands Institute for Neurosciences (NIN)
Meiberbergdreef 47
NL-1105BA Amsterdam

email: wannig [at]


Aurel was joining our group as an undergraduate student in 2000. He worked under the supervision of Winrich Freiwald and Andreas Kreiter on the issue of object-based attention and finished his Diplom of Biology in 2002. As a PhD student he continued on this topic. He finished his PhD thesis in 2006 and is now working as a post-doc in the group of Pieter Roelfsema.

Dipl.Biol. Nicole Strüber

email: nighi [at]


Nicole was member of the group from 2000 to 2002. She worked as an undergraduate student in various projects of Winrich Freiwald and Detlef Wegener and was finishing her Diplom in Biology under the supervision of Detlef and Andreas Kreiter in 2002.

Catherine Tallon-Baudry

Dr. Catherine Tallon-Baudry
Laboratoire de Neurosciences Cognitives et Imagérie Cérébrale
47, Blvd de L'Hopital
F-75013 Paris

email: catherine.tallon-baudry [at]


Catherine joined our group as a visiting scientist in the years 1998-1999. In this time she was mainly interested in the relationship between patterns of osciallatory synchrony and working memory and performed intracranial eeg recordings in monkeys doing a delayed matching-to-sample task.

Valia Rodriguez

Dr. Valia Rodriguez
Department of Cognitive Neuroscience
Cuban Neuroscience Center
Ave 25# 15202, esq.158
Cubanacan, Playa
CP 11600 C.Habana, CUBA

email: valia [at]


Valia was working in our group as a visiting scientist in 2000. During that time she mainly worked on the topic of object-based attention and, furthermore, how to teach our monkeys spanish. She effectively infected us with her kinder-surprise-egg enthusiasm and left us with a lot of little toys.


Marcus Haag, MSc
University of Reading
email: m.haag [at]



Dr. Wolf Zinke
University of Magdeburg
email: zinke [at]


Dr. Wolf Zinke investigated the functional organization of visual working memory networks in macaque monkeys with fMRI.

Simon Neitzel

Dr. Simon Neitzel
email: neitzel [at]


Simon Neitzel joined our group as an undergraduate student. He worked on contour integration and completed his Diplom in Biology in 2006. As a PhD student he investigated routing of visual information in the ventral visual pathway of macaque monkeys. Simon received his Dr. rer. nat. in 2014.

Dipl.-Biol. Hanna Saßen
University Bremen